Frequently Asked Questions

This is a fundraising initiative started in 2017 with the aim of raising funds for school fees, accommodation and food for underprivileged medical students. In 2022, the idea was developed for a charity run to be organized to boost the funds drive. The second annual edition of the LNMB Run will be taking place on 29th April 2023.

The run is happening on 29th April. The starting point is KMTC field from 7.30 am. There is a 5km route and 10km route on race day. The event program will run till 2pm.

Everyone is invited! So tell all your friends and family and invite them to come!!

You can sign up by visiting our page. All you need to do to attend the run is buy a LNMB t shirt and show up on race day wearing the t-shirt.

Registration closes on Friday 28th April at midnight. However, if you miss the deadline, you can still arrive on race day and buy a t-shirt at the venue.

If you are a university student, then t-shirts are sh 700 for round neck design and sh 1000 for polo neck design. If you are a non-student, then t-shirt prices are sh 1000 for round neck design and sh 2000 for polo neck design.

The t-shirts are white in color. You can see some samples when you visit @amsunrunning on Instagram and Twitter. The sizes range from small to XXXL.

There are 2 pick up points for t-shirts: Chiromo UON campus and KNH UON campus. The pick-up points will operational from 19th April and will go from 9am to 3pm every day. You will also be able to buy a t-shirt on site at the venue on race day (29th April).

Yes, you can as long as you send them with the EQUITY BANK verification code/message

At the moment no. You either need to pick your t shirt from the pick up point or send someone to pick it up on your behalf.

Yes. T-shirt sales is the main way in which we are raising money for the charity.

We wouldn't advise you to wear last year's t-shirt to this year's run because the 2023 design is gonna be fresh and new and you definitely don't want to miss out on the amazing new t-shirt. Furthermore, t-shirt sales are the main source of income for attaining funds for the kitty hence when you buy a new t shirt, you will be supporting a needy medical student.

You can support LNMB by sending a donation of any amount to our paybill number below:
ACC NO: 0170280594893
You can also rent a booth at a fee to be a vendor at the charity run. Visit here to sign up to be a vendor.

If you are a medical student at the University of Nairobi, ask your class rep to give you more details on how to sign up as a volunteer. If you are a non-student and you would like to volunteer, simply send us a message at giving us your name, contact details and outlining that you would like to volunteer. Someone from our team will reach out to you shortly.

No problem, you can still support the funds drive by buying the t-shirt. Simply visit our page to buy a t-shirt to support the funds drive. You can also simply donate to the fund if you’d like to give your contribution without buying a t shirt. Donations are being channeled to:
ACC NO: 0170280594893

The Leave No Medic Behind initiative fund is housed by Kenya Medical Association (KMA) Nairobi Division where it is legally recognized as the Prof Hassan Saidi Education Memorial Fund. The bank account is managed by KMA whereby there are 3 signatories to the account who are all doctors. No medical student is a signatory to the account and none will ever be. A minimum of 2 signatories (of the 3 doctors who oversee) are required to sign before any funds are withdrawn from the account. All financial records and documents are carefully kept by KMA. The beneficiaries of the LNMB fund are vetted thoroughly before being admitted to the program and furthermore, funds for their school fees are disbursed directly to the University fees collection bank account while funds for food and accommodation are also disbursed directly to the University Mess and Hostels Of Residence bank accounts respectively.

LNMB is seeking to expand to take beneficiaries from other medical schools. For the 2023 cohort, we will include Mount Kenya University, Kenyatta University, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and Egerton University.